Fishing Report, Aug. 10

Good silver salmon fishing going on right now and then I’ll be on the Trinity River for salmon and steelhead in Sept. In October and November I will return to the Sacramento River for what should be a good king salmon season.

Most available openings are from October on. For reservations: (916) 952-1554 or


2014 King Salmon Season!!

King Salmon Season

July 16 is the kick-off to the 2014 king salmon season in the Sacramento Valley. I’m going to start fishing in early August and will be on the Sac through the end of August, then will move to the Trinity for September. In October and November, the bite should be very good in the lower end of Sacramento.

Be sure to check your calendars for dates so we can get you on the schedule. Looking forward to seeing you all out there!


Call me at (916) 952-1554 or email:

To get you inspired, here’s a little look back at the 2013 season…

Fishing Report, June 3

Now that the striper fishing has calmed down, I’m into chasing those lovable, scrappy herring around…American Shad. The fishing has been solid on the Feather & American and I have also been running into some nice bonus stripers on the combo trips.

Don’t forget salmon season will be here before you know it too! I’ll start fishing the Sacramento in August.


Fishing Report, April 17


It’s been a busy couple weeks of striper fishing and man are things changing quickly! I’ve been jumping back & forth between the Sac and San Joaquin sides of the Delta and also up the river.

The action has generally been very good and I have had anywhere from 25 to close to 100 fish most days on spoons, Topwater and swimbaits. We haven’t had any giants lately but plenty of good solid fish…though we did lose one on Saturday that was a toad.






Fishing Report, April 1

We have had a nice couple of weeks on the Delta, with a really nice grade of stripers lately! It’s all been swimbaits and topwater on light gear too. The Sac came up with the big rains a couple of days ago and that’s going to shift things from the Delta to the river system for awhile…







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