Fishing Report, April 17


It’s been a busy couple weeks of striper fishing and man are things changing quickly! I’ve been jumping back & forth between the Sac and San Joaquin sides of the Delta and also up the river.

The action has generally been very good and I have had anywhere from 25 to close to 100 fish most days on spoons, Topwater and swimbaits. We haven’t had any giants lately but plenty of good solid fish…though we did lose one on Saturday that was a toad.






Fishing Report, April 1

We have had a nice couple of weeks on the Delta, with a really nice grade of stripers lately! It’s all been swimbaits and topwater on light gear too. The Sac came up with the big rains a couple of days ago and that’s going to shift things from the Delta to the river system for awhile…







Fishing Report, March 13

The striper fishing was good last week but then the nasty North Wind started blowing and put the kibosh on things. So far this week, we’ve not seen very good action. Today, Thursday, the wind seems to be tapering off but it’s still coming outta the north.

Wish this stuff would go away already!!! The weekend looks better…


Fishing Report, Feb. 27

We had to contend with some very unsettled weather today and lots of wind but still managed to boat in excess of 30 stripers, the largest if which went 10 pounds.


Fishing Report, Feb. 25

We fly fished today with Clousers and ended up hooking around 40-50 stripers. The action was solid but we didn’t see any big bass. Nice weather and nice guys!


Fishing Report, Feb. 17

I switched to the southern Delta today because the water up north was getting pretty muddy. It took awhile but we found some clean stuff today and ended up landing approx 40 stripers. The average size wasn’t spectacular but the fish bit pretty well.


Fishing Report, Feb. 12

Just before the big storm last weekend, striper fishing on the Delta was really solid! The rain and wind chased everybody away until Monday but when we were able to get back out, we found some killer fishing despite the muddy water and debris. The fish moved around a bit, but we located em and the bite has been really good…and the grade of fish has been nice!




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