Fishing Report, April 25, 2015

We had a fresh batch of stripers move into the lower end of the system over the past few days so striper fishing should keep going for at least another few weeks.


 Additionally, there have been some massive schools of Shad moving on up the Sacramento River system and I have been out chasing them in the evenings with good results. 


Fishing Report, April 20, 2014

Last week we had to deal with some serious wind and I ended up canceling a couple days. We got back out on Thursday and found really good action in the morning and then it totally died as the tide changed. On the afternoon run that day, we smoked um at a rediculous clip…2,3,4 on at a time. 


Friday was more of the same then Saturday was really slow with all the boat traffic.  Finally, in the late afternoon, we got onto a big wad of fish and caught bass from shaker size to 14 lbs. 


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